Tamisha Estes-Lipford

Tamisha Estes-Lipford is a native Memphian and newly affiliated broker with BenchMark Realtors, LLC.  Tamisha is a proud member of the Memphis Area Association of Realtors, Tennessee Association of Realtors, and National Association of Realtors. She comes to Benchmark with 21 years of experience in the field of education where she has served as a teacher, instructional coach, consulting teacher, and school administrator.  As she prepares to launch her real estate business, Tamisha will continue to serve as a school administrator.  She will use the skills that she has acquired as an educator to successfully launch her real estate business. Those skills will include, but are not limited to active listening, problem solving, critical thinking, multitasking, being solutions-oriented, and managing time effectively.  Furthermore, Tamisha will utilize these skills to serve all of her clients by providing them with exemplary, top-notched, quality service and strategically prioritizing the clients’ needs to achieve the desired results for all stakeholders involved.  According to Todd Duncan, “A realtor must learn that selling is not just selling, it is providing, and the key to providing is knowing in advance what to provide.”   Not only will Tamisha put the needs of the client first to ensure that her clients are pleased, she will also strive to maintain a positive relationship with clients through effective communication, an amicable negotiation process, and a timely closing formula for all buyers and sellers. Tamisha is licensed to serve clients in Tennessee.  Contact Tamisha today @ tel.mishasellsrealestate@gmail.com for assistance with all of your home buying and selling needs.